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Our commitment to the "Island Bounders" is to provide a fun, but yet informative venue when making a decision on that next dream getaway. Our listing are mostly confined to islands and tropical getaways between 26°N to 26°S latitude, a tropical to subtropical climate where the Cocos nucifera (coconut palms)thrive. Our intent is to provide information on tropical island settings to include anything from large all-inclusives to small villas; Eco-adventures to barefoot getaways. With options to choose between the opulent to the most remote we will strive to be your “one-stop-shop” for anything island.


We will be introducing Korkee to you at some point in the near future. Korkee is a parrot that we are certain found more than his share of rum one night and stowed away on a schooner. He is hard to love and even harder to ignore but somehow he continues to grow on all of us. His official title has yet to be established but he seems to have a good feel for island bars, restaurants and other entertainment or activities that you may want to investigate on your trips. He has asked for a segment of the site to be called “Korkee’s Favorites” but time will tell.

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